Manual Gates Vs Automatic Gates

Investing in a gate is a wise choice, whether it is for additional security, keeping young family safe from the road or purely for curb side appeal but now you have made the decision to buy, you have some choices to make on which product is best for your needs.

Firstly you will need to decide which material is right for you; wooden gates can improve the look of your property and give it a dignified and luxurious appearance whilst steel gates can give a more imposing and splendid appearance. Both options can be manual or automated.

When we talk about manual gates, we are referring to gates that need to be operated by hand and electric gates which do not open by themselves, such as those without sensors that require keypad access.

When it comes to a residential gate there is nothing more impressive than a gate that opens up by itself when it senses your proximity or after being given a command. A manual gate not only adds waiting time but some one to physically open the gate.

We often see that owners of manual gates tend to leave them wide open to avoid having to get in and out of their car to open and close the gate, making the gate practically useless.

Automated gates are superior in the fact they do not require you to exit your vehicle, possibly leaving children or pets unattended inside while you manually operate the gate, you can simply be sensed by underground sensors and allowed to enter the property.