Steel Electric Swing Gates

Electric Gates can add safety and value to your property but making the right choice us critical

There is a selection of swing gate equipment classified under the headings: Electro-Mechanical and Electro-Hydraulic.

Electro-Mechanical Gate Automation equipment is generally designed for the domestic user and has a duty cycle which suits family residences and entrances that are not busy throughout the day. Electro-hydraulic equipment is generally designed for a higher duty cycle and is suitable for busy entrances and prestige gates. Our hydraulic gate operators are fully serviceable and, if properly maintained, will give many years of reliable service.

Post mounted operators (Mechanical or Hydraulic) are fixed to the gate post and a sturdy cross member on the gate. It is important that they are fitted to specific measurements in relation to the gate hinge. Please check Will it fit at the bottom of each product page to check suitability.

Underground Gate operators (Mechanical or Hydraulic) fit below ground level and it is important that the operator driveshaft aligns with the gate hinge.

Eagle offer a unique design service to ensure that the right choice is made.
Steel Electric Swing Gates