Gate Safety

The HSE (health and safety executive) requires that persons responsible for the operation and maintenance of electric gates should be provided with appropriate documentation, instructions for use and training to operate and maintain the gates safely, and recommends that regular reviews of assessments should be undertaken to ensure the gates are maintained in a safe condition.

There are a number of safety devices available for use on our automated electric gate and as specialists in powered gate automation, we are best placed to advise you on the preferred option for your situation.

Swing Gate or Hinged Gate
There are numerous automation options for swing gates, ranging from very small units for pedestrian gates, to large electro-mechanical or hydraulic operators. Automated swing gates are designed to provide automated access within a fence line. The positioning and setup of drive any unit is critical to ensuring correct and safe operation of the gate. When specified and installed correctly to suit the size and weight of gate and the required duty cycle, this should ensure ongoing reliability in operation.

Automatic Sliding Gate
Sliding gates are often specified where space is a limiting factor for swing gates or where the entrance area is large and a swing gate would be impractical. There are several common hazards which are specific to an automated sliding gate and there is a need to risk assess each gate and apply the appropriate control measures.

The advantages to installing a sliding gate are that they can provide access control across large entrance areas and rapid operation combined with high duty cycles for busy commercial and industrial applications.

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