Eagle PAS68 Telescopic Bollards, Static Bollards and Road Blockers, In Transit

This was a Phase One delivery of a large order of PAS68 telescopic and shallow-mount bollards for a large shopping complex in London. Eagle Automation have a full and wide range of PAS68 tested static bollards, including the worlds first surface-mount bollard, ultra-shallow foundation bollard, a shallow foundation single unit bollard and mid-depth foundation bollards. Having recently acquired the Intellectual Property Rights to the APT Security Systems PAS68 rated and impact tested product range Eagle have added a number of PAS68 blockers to their range including crash tested blockers. A special thanks to the Eagle team and critical suppliers for successful delivery of this large and complex project.

The Eagle telescopic bollard is the worlds shallowest tested telescopic bollard complemented on this project by a range of shallow PAS68 static bollards, PAS68 road blockers and other products. The controls are all mounted in SR3 rated cabinets and the static bollards are all fitted with stainless steel sleeves. We are all looking forward to the successful installation and commissioning.