Rising Bollards

Product Summary

The Sentinel bollard, designed and manufactured in the UK, is the ideal solution for sites that require stringent control of frequent vehicle access.

The robust bollard is designed to withstand the impact of a regular saloon vehicle travelling at up to 20mph, whilst the mechanical components themselves have been carefully selected to guarantee long operational life.

The Sentinel Bollard is the greenest in Eagles range, with careful consideration given to both the ease of installation and the environmental impact caused throughout the product lifecycle.

Product Highlights

80% less power consumption - only 1A Weighs 45% less - only 62kg Installation causes 49% less landfill waste* Installation requires 52% less concrete* Greatly reduced street furniture* All controls and pumps in elegant access control pillar* Unique EAGLE designed aluminium section Option Bio-degradable oil *For single and dual bollard


  • Self colour, painted or anodised
  • Base section with square top plate (aids installation into block paving)
  • LED Lights


  • Robust
  • Up to 6 bollards powered from one control cabinet
  • Sealed bollard casing can be installed upon completion of ground works
  • Low running costs (operation, service and maintenance)
  • Easy access to controls and pump for maintenance (pump in pillar, not the bollard)*
  • All maintainable/spare parts are lightweight for one person lift, reducing maintenance costs
  • Elegant access control pillar housing traffic indicators, controls and pump

Green Credentials

  • Uses bio-degradable oil
  • Less street furniture - no cabinet as controls housed within traffic pillar*
  • Significantly less digging and install time - resulting in 49% less landfill and requiring 52% less concrete
  • 1A per cycle - 80% less than previous models

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