PAS68 Cantilever Sliding Gates EAG02000

Product Summary

The INTERROGATOR PAS68 cantilever sliding gate has been successfully tested at 40mph and 50mph with a 7.5T (N2 and N3) vehicle respectively. Eagle continue to lead the field with their innovative arrestor system. At 8m opening it is the widest cantilever gate tested with the N3 vehicle at 50mph whilst producing only 1.6m of dynamic penetration.

PAS68 Classification

  • MODEL:EAG02040
  • PAS68 Rating: Crash Tested to 7.5T (N2) @ 40 mph (64kph)
  • PAS68:2010 V/7500[N2]/64/90:5.6/10.1

  • MODEL:EAG02050
  • PAS68 Rating: Crash Tested to 7.5T (N3) @ 50 mph (80kph)
  • PAS68:2010 V/7500[N3]/80/90:1.6/5.4

Key Features

  • Eagle Fibre Technology
  • The worlds widest Cantilever Gate tested at 8m clear opening and 50mph
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Standard operating speed 250mm/sec
  • Heavy duty cantilever rolling gear
  • High quality bearings and rollers


The gate is powered by an electric motor with a hydraulic locking pin. Typical operating times are 35 sec seconds for an 8m opening (250mm/sec).


The gate is supplied from the factory as a complete assembled tested unit. Both the 40mph and 50mph products have the same foundations with a depth of only 380mm. Drawings are available on request.

Drives and Controls

The gate is either electrically or hydraulically driven dependant on client specification. The gate has a locking pin ensuring that it is secure before impact. The gate is very smooth and quiet with exceptional control in both directions. It has a powerful PLC with built in diagnostics and programmable inputs and outputs that can provide numerous options depending on client requirements. In the event of a power failure the gate has a full manual override system. The option of a powerful hydraulic motor is also available.

Electrical Supply

The gate requires a single phase 240volt 50Hz 16amp supply.


Compliant with EN 12453:2001 that recommends a minimum level of safeguarding for automatic gates. The gate comes as standard with CAT3 safety edges and light curtain that protects the threshold. Additional options include laser safety devices to protect zones. The control panel also has a dual channel loop card compatible with safety induction loops if required.


Gate servicing recommended twice per annum