Residential automatic gate safety - who's responsible?

When you choose to install an automatic gate on to your property, it is vitally important that you realise that you have installed a machine which requires, monitoring, maintenance and know how and when your gate will be serviced.

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) say that owners, occupiers, landlords and managing agents of properties with powered gates are responsible for the safety of all users and all those who may encounter the gate. Most of the advice surrounding automated gates is basic common sense keep them in good working order and service them regularly.

It is the owner or occupier of the property who must ensure the gate is safe, and remains safe. It is recommended you have your automated gates serviced every 12 months to ensure they are in good working order. Your gates are exposed to wear and tear from the weather and general use and a service will check for this as well as for any other possible issues with mechanics/safety devices or miss alignment. With Eagle you can opt for one of our service and maintenance plans to avoid additional costs incurred if your gate breaks down or is damaged, by fixing any issues before they become serious.
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