Eagle successfully install a triple air-lock gate Solution to Westminster

Triple Air Lock Gate system at Westminster
Eagle are very proud to have recently supplied and installed a triple air-lock HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation) gate system, to a prestigious site in Westminster.

Our HVM solution comprises of our IWA14-1 Lockdown Gate, our Bi-Folding Speed Gate and PAS68 Bi-Folding Gate. This high security gate solution, is designed to meet stringent architectural requirements this is the first of multiple phases to raise HVM protection and control vehicle access to a prestigious site in Westminster.

The Eagle Lockdown - IWA14-1 Swing Gate

Our fully crash tested swing gate includes fully removable posts, so that it can be permanently or temporarily deployed. The closing post or the hanging post can be removed. The Lockdown gate is specifically designed as a manual gate for openings up to 8m and can be constructed in sections, allowing the system to be easily shipped and built on site.

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The Eagle 'Rapide' Bi-Folding Speed Gate

The Eagle 'Rapide' Trackless Bi-Folding Speed Gate comprises a unique drive mechanism to control the opening and closing of a bi-folding set of gates.

This unique mechanism converts and controls both leaves producing a smooth but fast action and allows the gate to operate without the use of a bottom or top track, thus eliminating any height restrictions and large tracks in the road.

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The Eagle PAS68 Bi-Folding Gate

Eagles PAS68 bi-folding gate has been successfully tested at 40mph and 50mph with a 7.5T (N2 and N3) vehicle respectively. This produces the lowest penetration classification of its class and provides a superb engineered solution for hostile vehicle mitigation.

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