How enticing is your property to criminals?

Eagle PAS68 security gates
Criminals and vandals will always target businesses that seem to have low levels of security.

Not having the necessary security protection in place makes it much easier for criminals to be successful in their attempts, which in turn makes you a more attractive property to target for opportunistic or planned crime. To remove the threat of crime, you need to take measures to make sure that your property is as unappealing to criminals as possible.

These are ways to drastically improve your security to avoid such threats.

Access control systems
Businesses that have not adopted any type of access control equipment such as an intercom system, CCTV or key pad entry could find themselves likely targets. Criminals will look to take advantage of facilities that do not control who has access to their premises, Installing access control equipment ensures that doors will only be opened to those who have approved access whilst keeping out unwanted intruders.

Security gates and road blockers
Installing a security gate will not only hinder access to any unauthorised vehicle, greatly reducing the threat of your business being targeted with vehicular attack. A security gate will also act as an intimidating, visual deterrent to would be intruders.

Eagle offer a large range of IWA14-1 and PAS68 security solutions including:
  • Security Gates
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Access control equipment
  • Raising bollards
  • Crash tested road blockers
  • Street furniture