Steel Electric Sliding Gate

Sliding electric gates can come a track or trackless also known as a cantilever gate. When installing a tracked sliding gate it is important that the floor surface is level.

If you have a small driveway or limited space then you should consider installing an electric sliding. A sliding gate does not need the space that a swing gate requires to open. This leaves the full length of the driveway usable for parking vehicles and is useful where space is restricted.

Sliding electric gates are far more secure than conventionally opening swing gates because they are set in a track.

The design and installation process of a sliding electric gate is more complex than for conventionally-operated gates, which means itís important that you use a company with the necessary experience and expertise.

Eagle will supply a bespoke sliding electric gate that meets your requirements and sits comfortably within itís environment. When the track and post are ready, the gate is mounted into the frame, the electrics are installed and calibrated and the gate is tested and passed for safety and security in everyday use.
Steel Electric Sliding Gate