Choice of wood

The most important aspect when purchasing timber gates is the timber species used, as there are many well made products in the market place that are manufactured using inappropriate timbers for the application they are required for.

Below are details and information of various softwood and hardwood timbers that we use in the construction of our products which we stress you should read prior to purchasing.

We wish to point out that all timber is a natural product and is prone to movement and shaking. The location of where your gates are sited will have a varied effect on all timber gates and posts and advice should be taken with us. We cannot be held responsible for movement, shrinking, expansion and shaking (timber cracks) of our products. We take every avenue possible to minimise this but cannot guarantee against it.
Choice of wood
It is also very important to use suitable hinges and fixings for your gates to function correctly but if you are automating any of our products yourselves or through a third party we cannot be held responsible for any failure of our product if not correctly set up. Please contact us in relation to our Approved Installer scheme if you have any doubt. We work with a large and varied range of timbers sourced throughout the world and we endeavour to make every effort to purchase timbers from well managed sources where ever possible as part of our European Union Due Diligence Program. We also hold PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certifications as we strive to use timbers from sustainable sources.