Shallow foundation "bollard in a box"

The APT30SH is a shallow 400mm foundation complete bollard. This bollard is manufactured and delivered complete with integral re-bar cage, making this the easiest product to install. The APT30SH is fully impact tested as a single unit with single foundation helping to simplify installation programmes. It was tested at Mira with the N2 7.5 ton vehicle at 48kph.

The APT30SH will protect any key facility from a vehicular based attack.

Features include:

- Manufactured by Eagle Automation in the UK
- Very shallow foundation at just 400mm
- Uniquely impact tested as a single unit (7.5 ton 48kph)
- Can be installed as a single unit
- Supplied with integral re-bar making installation simple and quick
- Very easy to install - no additional re-bar, no cages, no connections, no complicated foundations: simply dig, position and concrete
- Slim 219mm diameter bollard when painted or when in stainless steel
- 1000mm raise height above ground
- Painted, stainless steel or bespoke finish
- Stainless steel sleeve can be designed to your specific requirements
- V7500(N2) 48/90:1