PAS68 Rising Blockers (50mph). EAG05000

Product Summary

Having recently acquired the Intellectual Property Rights to the APT Security Systems PAS68 rated and impact tested product range Eagle have added a number of PAS68 blockers to their range including crash tested blockers.

Eagle Automation have 2 PAS68 tested rising blockers in our range which cater for every possible requirement. This includes the Titan Shallow mount that has also been tested as a true surface mount unit and the Titan Deep.

Titan Shallow or Surface Mount Blocker

  • Tested as a true surface mount blocker with the N3 7.5 ton vehicle at 80kph.
  • Can also be installed as a shallow mount blocker
  • Tested in the UK to PAS68 standard with a 3m blocker
  • Manufactured from heavy duty steel sections fully welded
  • Tread plates 10mm thick (over plain) durbar
  • Spragged on three faces with 400mm long heavy duty reaction buttresses on rear face at 560mm centres
  • Surface mounting substantially reduces installation time and cost
  • The Shallow Mounted Road Blocker has been designed for axle weights in excess of 12 tonne
  • Normal operating time of 6-8 seconds


Titan Deep Mount Blocker

The Titan blocker offers the ultimate deterrent against vehicular attacks having been tested in both the UK and USA. It was fully tested at TRL with the N2 7.5 ton vehicle travelling at 80kph and in Texas. This was the first blocker to be tested under the PAS68 and US DoD test programs.


Designed to ensure that arm and leg injury by moving parts is not possible Hand pump supplied for manual raising and manual release for lowering Accumulators can be added to provide emergency operation Reliable and durable