LPS1175: Issue 8 Cert/LPCB ref.1572
LPS1175 Single Turnstile

Key features

  • 90 degree Locking head mechanism, electrically released in both directions
  • Rotor sensing relays to provide a voltage free contact following the rotation of the rotor in either direction
  • Status light LED panels to indicate when to proceed
  • 240V AC mains supply 2 amp
  • Fail locked on power failure
  • Walkway canopy with down light
  • Side panels clad in galvanised weld mesh (SR2-SR4): this is see through for CCTV
  • Bolts directly onto concrete base
  • Finish powder coated standard RAL colour
  • Can be assembled on site, if delivered flat pack
  • Refer to individual drawings for more information

  • Specification

  • Single turnstiles (W 1,350mm D 1,330mm)
  • A1: 1491-201-S straight bar rotor arms
  • A1: 1491-201-H SR1 Hooped bar rotor arms
  • B3: 1491-202-SF SR2 straight bar filled rotor arms
  • B3: 1491-202-HF SR2 Hooped bar rotor paddles
  • C5: 1491-203-SFA SR3 Straight Bar filled armor rotor arms
  • C5: 1491-203-HFA SR3 Hooped Bar filled sheet and armor rotor paddles
  • D10 1491-204-HFA SR4 Hooped D Bar filled armor shaped rotor paddles