IWA14-1 Double Bi-Folding Speed Gate EAG01000D

Product Summary

A WORLD FIRST! Our IWA14-1 RAPIDE bi-folding gate as a double leaf, trackless solution with 8 meters clear opening has now been successfully tested at 40mph with a 7.2T (N2A) vehicle. The Eagle arrestor system produced the lowest penetration classification in its class. With shallow foundation and extremely low penetration of 1.4m, a grounbreaking solution for hostile vehicle mitigation.

IWA14-1 Classification

  • MODEL EAG01040D
  • IWA14-1 Rating: Crash Tested to 7.2T (N2A) @ 40 mph (64kph)
  • IWA14-1:2013 V/7200(N2A)/64/90:1.4

Key Features

  • Clear Opening widths up to 8 metres
  • IWA14 Rated at 40mph (64kmh)
  • Trackless
  • Fast operation in approx. 8-12 seconds (plus 3 seconds for locking pin)
  • Smooth and quiet
  • Shallow foundation 330mm (plus surface finish)
  • Supplied with all required rebar
  • Eagle Fibre Technology
  • Power supply 240v 16amp


The gate is supplied from the factory as a complete assembled tested unit. A shallow foundation requiring a depth of only 380mm. For a clear opening of 8.0m the base dimensions are approximately 9.25m x 2.2m x0.38m.


Steel construction, galvanised and powder coated to a standard RAL colour. Vertical bar infill with options of different mesh and security topping available.


The gate is tested for a clear opening of 8.0m and can be manufactured for heights up to 5m. Outside dimensions over the posts are 8.5m and allowing for control cabinets is 9.4m. Overall height for the gate at 2.4m is approximately 2.8m allowing for the base frame.

Drives and Controls

The gate is hydraulically driven with a bespoke power pack and cylinder producing a smooth quiet operation with few moving parts. The gate has a powerful PLC with built in diagnostics and programmable inputs and outputs that can provide numerous options depending on client requirements.