LPS1175: C5 (SR3) Trackless bi-folding speed gate EAG50010-C5

Product Summary

The LPS1175 range of RAPIDE trackless bi-folding gates are the first and only trackless bi-folding speed gates to have successfully withstood BRE Globals rigorous testing and certification process to the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) Loss Prevention Standard (LPS) 1175 latest Issue 8 and subsequently achieve their Red Book Live listing.

LPS 1175: Issue 8 Classification

  • Security Rating C5 (SR3)
  • Certificate No 1572n
  • Single bi-folding gate Model:EAG50010S-C5
  • Double bi-folding gate Model:EAG50010D-C5

Key Features

  • Fast - opening and closing in approximately 8 seconds
  • Trackless - no limitations from overhead or ground tracks
  • Mechanically Secure - no electronic locking devices required to secure the gates in the closed position
  • Adaptable - various infill options, surface or sub-fix posts, widths up to 10m and heights up to 5m
  • Control - smooth and quiet hydraulic operation with PLC control
  • Supply - 240v 16amp power supply


The gates are supplied from the factory as a complete assembled and factory tested unit.


Steel construction, galvanised and powder coated as standard then finished to a standard RAL colour. Infill options of 25mm SHS vertical bar with dual layer 358 weldmesh, Super10 and ArmaWeave mesh or 50mm SHS are available.


All our LPS 1175: A1 (SR1), B3 (SR2) and C5 (SR3) trackless bi-folding gates have the same limitations of 10m clear opening for a double and 5m for a single gate, with a maximum height of 5m. Gate posts can be surface or sub-fixed to suit site constraints.

Drives and Controls

The gate is hydraulically driven and locked, with a bespoke power pack and cylinder producing a smooth quiet operation with few moving parts. The gate has a powerful PLC with built in diagnostics and programmable inputs and outputs that can provide numerous options depending on client requirements.

Electrical Supply

The gate requires a single phase 240volt 60Hz 16amp supply.


Designed to meet DHF TS 011:2019 - Code of practice for the Design, Manufacture, Installation and Maintenance of Automated Gates and Traffic Barriers. The gate comes as standard with dual height photocells and CAT3 safety edges, additional options include laser safety devices to protect zones. This device can also be used to produce an alarm output should someone be in the vicinity of the gate when it is closed. The control panel also has a dual channel loop card compatible with safety induction loops if required.


Gate servicing recommended twice per annum, subject to a normal frequency of operation up to 200 cycles per day.


The gate is powered by a hydraulic power pack, typical operating times are 8 seconds, subject to the gate dimensions and chosen infill material. The gate is very smooth and quiet with exceptional control in both directions. In the event of a power failure the gate has a full manual override system.