Eagle manual barrier
Manual barrier
The Guardian Manual Barrier is the perfect choice when you want to have a visual deterrent to control parking. It is both easy to install and use with a counterbalance that ensures the opening and closing process is both quick, smooth and simple.

With the Eagle Automation manual barrier solution, you do not need to know the exact measurements required by the arm or site as the installer can adjust the arm length easily during or after installation (max 6m).

Features include:

- Can fit openings upto 6m wide
- Lightwieght easy to install aluminium barrier arm
- Arm has an outside diameter 76mm with a wall thickness of 3mm
- Supplied with Lockable nesting post (excludes padlock)
- Supplied with all required counterbalance weights
- Full fitting instructions provided
- Supplied with 6m arm as standard
- Very easy to cut arm to exact length required whilst on site
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