Parklite is the ideal solution for small parking areas
Parklite is the ideal solution for small parking area. The system ensures low running costs, based on simple but evolved mechanics. The design is straight forward, making the lane units (dispenser and reader) highly compact. Even non specialised operators can use it at optimum level.

The Parklite ticket dispenser was designed to manage the entrance lane of a parking area. This function can be performed by the equipment in different ways, stand alone, slaved to another "master" unit, or slaved to the parklite management software

Parklite software
The parklite software was designed and created for managing parking areas, where the following are needed:
  • Control all phases of user entry/exit
  • Collect the stay charges
  • Issue and renew subscriptions
  • Manage the vehicle presence
  • Assocaite the collected amounts with the operator and the cash desk, where payments have been made
  • Extrapolate, by drafting reports, all the events memory-stored by the program (money collected, transits effected, events registrered and associated with the cash-desk operato, area vehicle presence etc)

The cash desk program enables the operator to manually collect payments for both stays and sales. The program can also read, verify and issue all the systems ticketing, both the paper tickets and magnetic cards.
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