Eagle Wall blocker

Our brand new and innovative Automatic Rising Wall blocker brings a whole new concept to car park control. This new blocker provides a sleek yet formidable obstacle to unauthorised vehicles at both front and back of house facilities. The rising Wall can be supplied with its fascia plates in any colour, many designs and in stainless steel.

Thanks to our highly sophisticated built in control board, the rising Wall can be used with an endless option of access controls.

Features include:

- Manufactured by Eagle Automation in the UK
- Available in a 1.3m, 2m, 2.5m and 3m widths
- Raise height of 400mm
- Painted or stainless steel front and back facias
- Customisable facia finish for your particular site
- All controls, pumps and lights in access control column
- No cabinet required for single units reducing street furniture
- PLC programmer as standard
- Uses environmentally friendly bio degradable oil
- Manual lift assist options available (from late 2017)
- No cabinet as controls housed within traffic pillar
- Significantly less digging and install time
- Emits low level of noise in operation
- Complies with all safety standards