Choosing the right type of access control for your security gate
Access control is an integral part of any automated access security system.

Your security perimeter should not only have the ability to allow only those who are authorised to enter or exit an area but should be able to monitor and log movement also. There are many types of access control that can be incorporated into a high security gate system for maximum surveillance and protection.

Radio Remote Control
One of the most common and effective ways of achieving access control for automatic gates is with a remote control device. A radio controlled device can have an operating range of between 20 and 1000 metres. Handheld remote controls are ideal when few people require access.

Digital Keypad
Digital keypads are the perfect solution for both pedestrian and vehicle access, and simply work when a code is keyed-in. Where the digital keypad is on a public-facing side of premises, it can be made vandal proof through use of a high quality stainless steel construction.

Magnetic Card Reader
Similar to a digital keypad, magnetic card readers allow for a quicker entry as the automatic gate will open when the pre-issued card is help up against or swiped across the reader. This method is perfect for a high volume of users as key cards are cheap to issue and easy for holders to store.

Number Plate Recognition (NPR)
NPR systems recognise and record specific number plates which are stored onto a database. A number plate recognition system for automatic gates would normally be part of a wider access control system where a remote push button system would be required for staff to open the gate for site visitors whose number plates wouldn't have been entered into the software.

Audio & CCTV Remote Access
This system would typically be used where control of the automatic gate was in a remote location, and in conjunction with a push button system. When a person or vehicle approaches the gate, security personnel can establish whether or not to allow access by using audio and/or the video obtained via CCTV.

There are many type of access control and a combination of these above can be put into one system. For more information on the right choice for your security gate access control, contact Eagle today.
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